lobsterfest destiny (dmaleus) wrote in moviebrain,
lobsterfest destiny

Movie Merger: New Community

I was bored, so I created this new LJ community based off a game I used to plan on Movie Brain which was stolen from a TT thread of yore. It's called moviemerger and should prove to be lots of fun once things really get going.

The rules are pretty easy: Merge the titles of two movies, then post a description of that movie that allows the other community members to guess the merged titles. Here are some examples (I make no claims to their quality):

1 - Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde compete for the affection of Cameron Diaz

2 - A team of American and Russian scientists trek to the planet Jupiter, where they encounter the deadly Borg Sphere

3 - A young man is horrified to discover that he commits gruesome murders while on vacation in the UK

4 - The ultimate parody film, Mel Brooks and Mike Judge team to skewer sci-fi and the workplace comedy. Starring Rick Moranis and Jennifer Aniston

5 - Wrenching drama about a young woman who believes she is really a vampire.


1 There's Something About Mary Reilly
2 2010: The Year We Make First Contact
3 An American Psycho in London
4 Office SpaceBalls
5 The Lost Boys Don't Cry

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